"What if the world were square,
Would it run any smoother? »

The day Élodie told me about her idea of ​​​​the little Colorums characters, I told her that it was absolutely necessary to explore the idea, imagine a concept and create a universe.

His initial idea was based on the fact that we all need each other to move forward, but that each of us has different capacities, particularly intellectual ones. You have to come together to create something complete and successful.

So I proposed to Elodie to create 4 little cubic beings inspired by psychological models. According to American psychologist Ned Hermann, there are 4 major differences in information processing in humans: logic, organization, emotion and intuition. As for Howard Gardner, he distinguishes 8 types of intelligences.

To deal with the subject of intelligence while offering a very fun universe, it was essential for me to tell a story with quirkiness and humor, bathed in an imaginary universe rich in meaning. With the help of Cedric, we set off for a totally robotic universe: the planet Colorus.

It was then that Alex joined us to put this universe into images. Colorums is a modern fable, and I hope you’ll love Cortex, Tactic, Smiley and Romeo, the 4 Colorums as much as we love them.

Olivier, co-author