The principle is simple, on the planet Colorus everything is mechanical and robotic, nothing is organic, not even the flora.

The world is made of shades of gray and colors that are sometimes pastel, sometimes bright.

The 4 heroes, the Colorums, are robots not quite like all the others; they are endowed with conscience and intelligence. It changes everything. Their objective will then be to make others benefit from it and to create a civilization by allowing their comrades the Coloblancs to also acquire this famous consciousness. For this, they will have a formidable ability: the “colorization” of the Coloblancs.

But everything will not be so simple, they will need time, cunning and perseverance to manage to permanently make all the Coloblancs on the planet intelligent. The Colorums will have to understand their behaviors, explore their planet, build inventions to develop their civilization and face unexpected enemies.

And in the end, the Coloblancs, future Colominis, endowed with this consciousness what will they choose for their future? Chaos, programmed routine, or intelligent evolution based on free will?

What will become of the Colorums once this mission is accomplished?